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When you want food in St. Petersburg, FL, come to Mi Carreta Restaurant and Bakery! We offer a wide array of traditional Colombian cuisine such as empenadas, hamburgers, sancocho, natural juices, and much more. Our food is prepared with the highest quality ingredients so you can taste fresh and flavorful Colombian dishes. We pride ourselves on our excellent service, as well as the great values on our extensive menu. For Hispanic foods and baked goods in St. Petersburg, FL, we invite you to try Mi Carreta Restaurant and Bakery today!

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Columbian Coffee

Perfectly nurtured by the tropical soil and rainfall, Columbian coffee is known as world’s best coffee. Sorted by seasoned coffee pickers, only the best of the coffee beans fly in from the mountainous fields of Columbia. Just one taste, and one might just end up smitten for the rest of one’s life. Expertly brewed coffee can make the heart soar, but expertly brewed Columbia coffee can make the heart soar and shout. That morning mug doesn’t have to contain less-than-ideal fragrance. If you’re looking for Columbian coffee, don’t hesitate to give Mi Carreta Restaurant and Bakery a go!

Natural Juices

Too often we fill our bodies with processed drinks. The aftertaste leaves much to be desired, and the syrupy beverages are frequently devoid of genuine nutrients. But none of this have to be so with freshly squeezed juices. Unadulterated and pristine, these drinks can taste paradisiacal. Natural juices are perfect for those who wish for genuine fruitiness in their beverages. With the best all-natural ingredients, enjoying all the little fresh and saccharine bits is possible. If you are hoping to go on a natural juice run, don’t hesitate to give Mi Carreta Restaurant and Bakery a go!

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